At what stage in my pregnancy should I attend antenatal classes?

It is best to start antenatal classes in the third trimester, at around 30 weeks.  The final class will be close to your due date or near enough.  This is to ensure the information is all fresh in your mind!


Also, the other couples in your group will be due around the same time as you. 

Should my husband/partner attend antenatal classes too?

Most definitely yes! Antenatal classes are as much for the  partners/husbands as it is for the pregnant women as we cover topics specifically tailored for them.  If you don't have a partner, please feel free to bring along a support person (eg sister, mum, friend, etc).

What should I expect at each antenatal class?

The Childbirth Educator will lead discussions in a relaxed and informal environment.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions and join in the discussion where and when they see fit.  Each session is made up of different learning styles, where you may watch a video, brainstorm on the whiteboard, do an activity with your partner or have a discussion in small groups.  Each session is varied which makes it all the more interesting!

Will I belong to a coffee group at the end of the classes?

All members of the class are encouraged to continue meeting up after the course is finished.  It is beneficial to regularly see other parents who are in the same boat as you.  Coffee groups are a great way to build friendships and support networks.