Topics covered

Participants can request specific topics.  Generally we aim to cover the following:

·         Warning signs in pregnancy

·         Anatomy and position of baby

·         Signs of labour

·         What happens during labour

·         Options for location of birth

·         Informed decision making

·         Birthing positions

·         Role of the support person

·         Pain in labour

·         Self help and drugs

·         Medical interventions

·         What happens to your body after birth

·         Breastfeeding

·         Safe sleeping

·         Bathing

·         Postnatal depression

·         Babywearing and nappies

·         How your baby communicates

·         Visit from new parents

·         Newborn tests and procedures

·         Baby's normal behaviour

·         Recognising baby's tired signs

·         How to settle a crying baby

·         How to fill your day with a baby

·         New parenting issues and decisions